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Shop Fabricated Tanks

Steel Valley Fabricators shop fabricates tanks. Our welded tanks can include flat or dished ends, integrated silo legs, manway access, pipe supports, tank nozzles, and other accessories.

We are able to fabricate from a variety of details and requirements, including concepts, sketches, blueprints, and specifications. We can provide engineering, design, and detailing assistance depending on your needs. We can also help with machining, heat treating, galvanizing, painting, powder-coating, rigging, or other industrial services.

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Do you need a local manufacturer for shop fabricated tanks? As full-service metal fabrication shop, we are willing to weld anything. No job is too big or too small - Custom fabricated parts and assemblies are SVF's forte. We are located near Pittsburgh, PA and ship nationwide.

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What are the benefits of shop fabricated tanks?

  1. Customization: They can be designed and fabricated to meet specific storage needs and requirements.

  2. Quality control: Fabrication in a controlled factory environment allows for better quality control and uniformity in production.

  3. Shorter lead times: Shop fabrication can lead to shorter lead times compared to field-erected tanks.

  4. Improved safety: The controlled environment of a factory reduces the risk of accidents and injuries compared to on-site construction.

  5. Cost-effectiveness: Shop fabrication is more cost-effective due to the reduced need for on-site labor and resources.

  6. Increased durability: Factory-fabricated tanks are often made of high-quality materials and are subject to rigorous quality control, leading to increased durability.

  7. Portability: Shop-fabricated tanks can be built to fit a standard tractor trailer for transport and installation on-site.

What products can SVF field install?

Steel Valley Fabricators offers field installation for our Access & Safety, Architectural, Structural, and Indistrial products.

Some of our Architectural products include architectural canopies, driveway gates, façade panels, railings, prefabricated trusses, and shop fabricated tanks.

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