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Tank Stringer Stair Fabrication

SVF can fabricate single-stringer and double-stringer stairs to your storage tank specifications.

What are Storage Tank Stringer Stairs?
Storage tank stringer stairs are used to provide access to storage tanks in industrial settings. Our stairs are made from galvanized carbon steel to withstand harsh environments and heavy loads. The term "stringer" refers to the structural support that runs along the length of the stairs, connecting the treads and risers.

Fabrication of Storage Tank Stringer Stairs
The fabrication process for storage tank stringer stairs involves several steps including cutting, finishing, and assembly. The design process begins with determining the dimensions of the stairs, including the height, width, and angle. Once the design is finalized, the steel is cut to size using our plasma cutting table. The most common material is carbon steel, due to its strength and durability. Galvanizing the steel improves the appearance and protects the stairs from corrosion.

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