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Caged Ladders

Caged ladders are used in commercial and industrial settings to access mezzanines, rooftops, and provide plant access.

Steel Valley Fabricators' caged ladders can be constructed from steel or aluminum, with a mill finish, galvanized finish, paint, or powder coat.

Steel Valley Fabricators can fabricate a custom caged ladder for your facility. As full-service metal fabrication shop, we are willing to weld anything. No job is too big or too small - Custom fabricated parts and assemblies are SVF's forte. We are located near Pittsburgh, PA and ship nationwide.

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Does OSHA allow caged ladders?

Fixed ladder requirements are set by OSHA regulation 29 CFR § 1910.28(b)(9) and (10). A cage is defined as "an enclosure mounted on the side rails of a fixed ladder or fastened to a structure behind the fixed ladder that is designed to surround the climbing space of the ladder" in § 1910.21(b).

New or replacement caged ladders that extend MORE than 24' above a lower level must include a personal fall arrest system or ladder safety system in addition to a cage.

However, caged fixed ladders have no requirement for a fall arrest system or ladder safety system in two cases: 1) The ladder extends 24' or less above ground level, or 2) The ladder has a cage and extends 24' or less above an offset rest platform that meets the minimum requirements.

Custom-Built Caged Ladders

Our caged ladders can be fabricated to your requirements:

  • Steel or aluminum fabrication

  • Round or square rungs

  • Finishes available include mill, paint, and powder coating

  • Installation hardware

  • Ships anywhere in the USA

Steel Valley Fabricators can also intall the ladder for you in Western Pennsylvania. Contact us to customize a caged ladder for your facility.

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