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Full Service
Shop Fabrication &
Field Installation


Local Metal Fabricators for Western Pennsylvania

Steel Valley Fabricators, LLC (SVF) is a full service, custom metal fabrication shop with portable welding and installation capabilities. We specialize in sheet, plate, structural, and pipe fabrication utilizing modern welding, bending, shearing, and cutting equipment and procedures in our manufacturing facilities located near Pittsburgh, PA and Long Beach, CA.

Our custom welded metal products include scrap bins, hoppers, non-pressure tanks, safety ladders, safety and handicap handrails, metal stairs and railings, machinery and equipment repairs, catwalks, platforms, and more. We will work on everything from one-piece prototypes to large quantity piece work. We are also able to fabricate from a variety of details and requirements, including concepts, sketches, blueprints, and specifications. We can provide engineering, design, and detailing assistance depending on your needs. We can also help with machining, heat treating, galvanizing, painting, powder-coating, rigging, or other industrial services.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you successfully complete your project on-time and under budget.

Custom Metal Fabrication

Access and Safety

Access and Safety Metal Fabrication


Architectural Metal Fabrication


Industrial Metal Fabrication


Structural Metal Fabrication

Storage Tank Parts

Storage Tank Fabrication


Why Steel Valley Fabricators?


SVF carries on the tradition of being a quality, full-service metal fabrication shop that is willing to weld anything! No job is too big or too small. Apply our fabrication knowledge, engineering, design, technical, and administrative support to your project.​


  • Welding (CS, SS, AL):
    ◦   MIG
    ◦   TIG
    ◦   ARC
    ◦   OXY brazing and soldering
    ◦   Metals: AL, BRS, BRZ, CI, CS, SS

  • Shearing and cutting

  • Rolling and forming

  • Drilling and tapping

  • Punching

  • Milling

  • Shop fabrication

  • Field installation

  • Portable welding

  • Local deliveries


  • Custom parts and assemblies:
    ◦   Access/safety (caged ladders, catwalks, fixed ladders, platforms, railings, stairs, walkways)
    ◦   Architectural (beams, canopies, gates, trusses)
    ◦   Industrial (e.g., bins, conveyors, fixtures, guardrails, tanks)
    ◦   Structural (beams, columns, decks, joists)

  • Field installation and welding

  • Design and engineering assistance

  • New fabrication

  • Repair work and retrofitting

  • Piece work and production welding


  • 40,000 square foot shop

  • 25 employees

  • 2 field crews

  • 10-ton shop crane capacity

  • Welding: MIG, TIG, & ARC

  • Plasma cut: 1" on-site, 10" off-site

  • Flame cut: 4" on-site, 10" off-site

  • Bending & Shearing: 3/4" x 12'

  • Breaking: 1/2" x 14.6'

  • Rolling & Machining: available off-site

Made in Western Pennsylvania

Our fabrication shop is located near Pittsburgh, PA. With our 40,000 square foot fabrication facility, a lifting capacity of 10 tons, and substantial fabrication capabilities, we can make your project a reality.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you successfully complete your project on-time and under budget. Call us today at 412-271-6900.

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